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Are you looking to get settled abroad? Want to apply for a permanent residency in a country of your choice? No need to worry about anything Global Consultancy is here to help you apply for PR wherever you want to. It’s not difficult when Global Links is by your side!We at Global Links know how important it can be for you to apply for a PR. We also understand that
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Helping people start a new life abroad!
Whether you want to start a new life abroad, get settled after retirement or any other reason for that matter, Global Links can be the gateway to make the process simple and quick. We are here to help you with –
Documentation and file preparation
Applying permanent residency
Filling of application fee
Visa interview process
It’s like; everything you are going to need for a streamlined filing of Permanent Residency in a country of your choice is available right here with us at Global Links!
So, what are you waiting for?
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