Building your dream career with education in Singapore
One of the friendliest countries in the world, Singapore presents great education
opportunities if you are looking to study abroad. The country is home to some of the oldest
institutions in the world, with their courses gaining recognition on a global level. So, you can
be certainly in for fruitful career prospects by studying in Singapore. And, at Global Links we
can guide you through each and every step of the process so you don’t have to face any
trouble in giving wings to your dreams.
Why study in Singapore
One of the biggest reasons that make Singapore a great choice for study is the fact that the
government offers huge support to foreign students. You can easily apply for work after
expiration of study visa. The education is easily affordable when compared to other
European countries; hence you don’t have to worry about paying the fee. In fact, there are
quite a number of scholarships available as well for meritorious students.
Choice of courses
Singapore offers some great choices at under graduate as well as post graduate levels.
Under graduate courses require 3-4years of full-time study, post graduate courses are of 1-2
years duration. Courses range from Arts and Science to Business Analytics and more.
Career opportunities
As a student you have the option to work while you study in Singapore. However, you don’t
have to apply for a separate work permit for the same. According to Employment of Foreign
Workers Act, a foreign student does not need to have a separate work permit to become
employed during the course of study. As a matter of fact, you don’t need a separate permit
even after the completion of your course. The catch is that you are not allowed to work for
more than 16-hours a week without the permit.


Singapore is a cross-roads for Asia, with close to half of the population being foreign-born. Singapore is one of the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia and is the fourth most important financial centre in the World.

Singapore is a great destination if you wish to start a new life abroad; The Landed Permanent Residence visa provides a straight-forward process for obtaining residence in one of the most prosperous Countries in Asia.

The Landed Permanent Residence visa also allows you to bring your family to stay with you in Singapore.