The immigration program Skilled Worker Quebec is meant mainly for for Franco phones who wish to come live in the Province of Quebec (however English speaking people can also qualify). This program works with a selection grid established by the Quebec Government. If you obtain enough points in the selection grid, you can participate in this immigration program. The government will then select the best files and invite them to submit the complete file.

Main Selection Criteria-

• Age

• Level of education

• Area of training (of your diploma)

• Knowledge of French and/or English

• Work experience

General Procedure-

1. After having retained our services for the Skilled Worker program, we will send you detailed instructions on the elements that you must provide us in order to build your immigration profile. We will answer all of your questions during the preparation of your file.
2. After having received the required elements, we will do a complete verification. If some elements are missing, we will contact you in order to obtain the missing documents to build your file according to the current rules and regulations.
3. When your file is complete, we submit it to the Government.
4. If the Government selects your file, we will do all the necessary follow-ups with the Government and we will contact you when necessary. If your file is not selected by the Government then the process will stop there.
5. When the Government accepts your file, we must then build the second part of your file.
6. We do all the necessary follow-ups with the specific country’s Government and we contact you if necessary.
7. The Government issues your visa and you can now come to live and work in the country permanently for the specified duration.