With the world progressing, there is high competition in the education sector abroad. With the availability of more than thousands of program options in many countries, a growing number of students are heading to various countries. They come back with excellent reports about how wonderful, exciting and great experiences they have had in other countries. Studying abroad could be that defining moment in your education that may make all the difference in your life. The opportunity will change your perspective globally, making your attitude of international nature and might advance your language proficiency. It will make your resume more attractive and might give you the confidence that you need to make yourself the most suitable candidate.

Students who wish to go abroad for educational purposes are required to have a Visa. The Visa option available to them could be of different types, such as- Non-Immigrant Visa for Temporary Stay or Immigrant Visa for Permanent Stay. The largest misconception that prevents students from participating in study abroad is its perceived inaccessibility. The nature of your Visa is determined by the course you plan to study and the type of institute you plan to attend. Students who study abroad are often amazed at how easy it was to put the whole thing together. They might enjoy benefits of the financial aid offered to students. Student Visas are Temporary Visas that allow students to study at an educational institution for a specified period of study. The application process for student Visa varies from country to country as per the rules and regulations of the particular country.

Generally, to apply for a student Visa one is required to provide the following documents-
-         A confirmed offer letter from a registered university or college
-         Proof of funds to pay the tuition fee
-         Proof of fund to support your living expenses
-         Biometrics and criminal record check (where required) and prove intent to return

Student Visas are granted for applicants who have a genuine intention to study abroad. More often than not, an assessment is based on documents submitted & the Visa interviews are rare. Visa is granted for the duration of the course. The processing time varies from a few days to several months. It is best to apply at least two months prior. Taking courses outside the country is not always so easy. It was generally assumed that only a few people could go.